8 June 2012, 9:56am
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I was in complete control of my faculties

Jennifer: There was this thing in the New York Press that talks about what fuck-ups we are, and it's positive. It's basically like, "You have to search through a bar to find a wasted girl, where here you put the spotlight on her." It is supposed to be positive yet that's the thing he thinks is cool. I wasn't wasted; I was in complete control of my faculties.
Neil: Then you must be a pretty good performer.
Jennifer: Yeah, I would like to take credit for being a good performer as opposed to being a freak that is totally wasted, you know.
Neil: I always feel good when she is singing. It makes me feel like she is the anchor of the band.
Jennifer: There have been shows where everything has gone just the same as the night before, and it sounds just as good as the night before yet I'll be completely miserable because I didn't get off like the night before. I mean, this is the selfish part, the gratuitous part of it. Where I'd wish that I could have gotten off like I did the night before. Where the whole thing just kind of wells up in you and you feel that you are radiating.

6 June 2012, 10:33am
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Royal Trux + Smog, 1991

Royal Trux + Smog, 1991

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We’ve always just wanted to be a band that makes interesting records that you can keep without them dying on you.

— Neil Hagerty

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Royal Trux in High Times, 1997

Royal Trux in High Times, 1997

4 March 2012, 2:43am
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Grace of expression is not the cornerstone of valuable information.

Neil Hagerty